Bee's Knees - Single


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released May 1, 2012

??? - music, lyrics, vocals
Takumi "KUMI" Nakagawa - lyrics & vocals,



all rights reserved


HUNDRED GRAND BRAND San Francisco, California

Two suburban youths making beautiful, carefree pop music.

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Track Name: Bee's Knees
There's this pretty little girl on my mind
And every day I see her, she looks so fine
But she's always wondering about the time
What's the hurry? Don't you worry

'Cause as long as you're with me, you'll be alright
We can watch movies or we can fly kites
Just wanna let you know that you're the bee's knees
And it'd be tight if you'd be my main squeeze

This girl's got me awestruck, stuck in a daze
Looking so good I could look at her for days
At a loss for words, yeah, my mouth's amazed
So just please listen up to what I gotta say

At the end of the night, I'll hold your hand
At the end of the night, I'll be your man

Hey girl, what you doing tonight?
You don't know either, that's probably right
If you're thinking you're free, you can kick it with me
Get out of bed, turn off the TV

We can do this or we can do that
Go on an adventure or have us a chat
Girl it don't matter,
'Cause I'm mad as a hatter for you

She got a dude sweating, getting all nervous
Saying dumb shit but that wasn't on purpose
I start daydreaming while writing these verses
Looking at her lips like "Can I get some service?"

Can I kick it? Yes we can.
Can I kick it? Yes we can.

Driving in my car, say some bad jokes
Go to some restaurant and split a few Cokes
Feeling so high but I swear I didn't smoke
Speaking of drugs, yeah, you are so dope

Feeling so good so my heart starts to skip,
Getting kind of late so I guess we should dip
At the end of the night, I'll hold your hand
At the end of the night, I'll be your man

'Cause, honey, I think you're the bee's knees
So baby please, don't be a tease
I'm falling for you like autumn leaves
You'll never have times as good as these

No, I'm not the type of guy to leave you like that